Wasted Words (already been heard)


“There’s new love, heartbreak, good friends, not-that-much studying and a-few-too-many beers, all written with great wit. Highly recommended.”

“This short novel gives an insightful and emotional perspective of a college student who is an outsider even when he is in a group. The prose is witty and playful, the comedic elements are laugh out loud funny, and there is no doubt this book will touch anyone who has ever felt different.”

“Lucas’s apathy is often frustrating but ultimately heart-breaking as he drifts through life waiting for something that never truly comes. Wonderfully written with an acerbic wit and deep vulnerability, Wasted Words is an ideal read for the many who feel a haunting disappoint in life. Highly recommended.”

“A must read for those with a misspent youth. And for those current adolescents, a road map by which to guide the next years of your life. Enjoy.”

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