In Honor of Earth Day, The Giving Tree Band

“Hillbilly Jean”

The Giving Tree Band’s “stirring musicianship, exemplary songwriting, and emotionally engaged performances” (The Bluegrass Special Magazine) are “leaving audiences all around the country with dropped jaws and a string of incurable rhythms ingrained in their heads” (The Chronicle). The group’s all-acoustic sound has been described as “an ageless music that transcends centuries” (Honest Tune Magazine) and “timeless…reminiscent of Bob Dylan and Neil Young” (Green Guide Network).

They are also considered one of the greenest bands in the country. They have been touring in a bio-diesel bus and donating as much as 50% of their proceeds to charity. The all-vegetarian band uses many eco-friendly instruments such as handmade guitars from reclaimed woods and naturally fallen trees and a drum kit made from sustainable bamboo. Their last album was engineered with 100% renewable solar energy and all of the band’s CD’s are packaged with 100% recycled materials. The band’s music and extraordinary environmental stewardship have been highlighted by media all over the world.