I’ve written about these guys’ first album before but they’re still pretty under-the-radar. The Austin-based band is fronted by singer/songwriter Martin Crane, who crafts kaleidoscopic tracks that sound unlike anything else out there. His ability to write a simple acoustic-based song and turn it immense through layered multi-instrumentation is impressive. Take a listen to my two favorite cuts from their latest LP, Saltwater.

“Always On”

“How the Ranks Was Won”

The Lovetones

This psychedelic Australian quartet sounds like the summer of ’68. A cross between the Moody Blues and Tame Impala with John Lennon vocals. Any of their albums would serve as the perfect soundtrack for the lazy daze of August.


“The Party’s Over”



“A Country’s King Of Dreams”
“December 28th”
“Easy Water”

Brooklyn-based quintet Caveman deliver an ambitious, sprawling take on indie pop by drawing influences from experimental rock, post-rock, wistful indie rock, and African music traditions — balancing varied elements like four-part harmonies, tribal drums, trickling keyboards, and hazy guitars with inspired results.

Reminds me of: Grizzly Bear, Real Estate, Wild Nothing, The Shins, Lord Huron

Good Field


Good Field sounds timeless, as though they could have existed during the wonder years. They’re organic… analog – not perfect instrumentalists like the digital crowd. Listening to their self-titled debut album, you’ll hear the acoustic curlicue whimsy of Grizzly Bear and the foot stomping field funk of The Band. Your ears are sure to reap a good yield.